About BallooNING

Ballooning is an activity in which man has participated for more than two centuries. Picture drifting along on gentle breezes above hills and valleys. It's truly a vista of breathtaking beauty. A balloon flight may take you to heights from which you can view distant landmarks, or low enough to touch the leaves on the trees.

It was a hot air balloon that carried man on his first flight aloft. Champagne was then carried as an offering to puzzled landowners and frightened peasants. This delightful tradition lingers today in the form of our champagne party that follows each flight.

We fly any day of the week, year round. Flights are at daybreak and just a few hours before sunset. These are the only times we can expect the light variable winds most favorable for balloon flight.

Passengers often enjoy being part of the crew, so we invite hands-on participation. Every one of our pilots is an FAA Certified Commercial Pilot and each is also a qualified Instructor and quite accustomed to answering your questions.

The aircraft stands about seven stories high when inflated and comes out of a bag that would fit in the trunk of your car. It's very colorful and quite exciting! The inflation process takes about twenty to thirty minutes.

Flights last between forty five and ninety minutes, typically about an hour. This may vary depending on weather conditions, wind, remaining daylight, fuel, terrain, etc. Balloon flights are like snowflakes: There are no two alike.

We're often asked how we steer. We basically don't! But we do have precise vertical control. Winds vary from one level to another. By changing flight levels to utilize these variable winds, the pilot can obtain a measure of lateral control.

Generally, we drift along with the wind. That is part of what makes ballooning such an adventure! To be practical, we use a chase vehicle to track the aircraft. We can direct the crew by radio to the landing site after it's been chosen.

There is no noticeable temperature difference at the altitude where balloons fly, so as long as you are dressed for outdoor activity according to the season, you will be comfortable in the balloon.

Ballooning is a very colorful and visual experience, so you'll want to bring a camera (with fresh batteries!) and lots of memory space. Video gear is welcome too. Bring a soft bag to protect your equipment and other passengers on landing.

If a gift certificate is something you’d like to consider, please call us or e-mail us, and we will be happy to make the arrangements for you. Call 908-310-1318 or e-mail us: info@balloon-america.com.

Tim Strand - Chief Pilot